Finnish Export Sales House is a highly advanced service concept for export businesses, which provides an opportunity to develop and increase export activities controlled in diverse target areas.

We provide you experts in the export field with good knowledge of various geographical areas and excellent language proficiency.

We aim at starting or improving your export activities, increasing turnover determinedly and creating cost-effective business partnerships.


The next Web Export Education is starting in October 2019.  Please send us an email are you interested in education:   1) only training or 2) training and marketing. Please see more information: Web Export Education

See also the video of md. Lauri Karppanen according to the education: EDUCATION PRESENTATION VIDEO


The FESH training offers a unique platform to broaden one’s view the export business sector
“Its robust curriculum contains information that is accurate, up-to-date and also practical in its application. In addition to providing an exciting learning atmosphere, Lauri Karppanen actively engages the participants in a manner which guarantees better understanding of each topic regardless of one’s academic background.
Together with my background in International Business, completing this course has equipped me with the right skills and orientation to successfully conduct global trade. Ultimately, this now places me in a better position to challenge the dominant narrative that’s often associated with export routines.
I sincerely recommend this course to those who seek to make a positive impact in global trade”.

Enoh Ibok Jackson


The operation of Finnish Export Sales House is based on long experience in the export business. The founder Lauri Karppanen has over 25 years of experience in the export field and all the FESH representatives are professionals of export business.

Our experience shows that export business partners are chosen based on how reliable they appear. This requires adaptation of the thinking and the values of the client.

For this reason we have trained 80 people from Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and USA, who know the language and the business culture of different target countries.


1. We have export managers available for fixed-term projects or for
continuous and flexible temporary employment relationships.

2. We train Finnish nationals with international experience as well as
international students in Finland to become qualified experts in the export


For every company, we create an individual plan for developing export
activities. To execute these plans a company hires an export manager or a
trained expert for a fixed-term working period. The working contract is
generally for no more than half a year.

The trained experts will help your company for example in planning and
preparation of export activities, sales activities and creating export strategy
in co-operation with the company management.

A fixed-term export manager service can be executed efficiently, with low
costs and minimal risks. During the working period a FESH senior
consultant coordinates all activities in the background

For further information, please contact

Lauri Karppanen
Lauri KarppanenManaging Director
Tel +358 40 728 9498